Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Probable Bank D.A. from May to July, 2013

The All India Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers) base 2001=100 for the month of February 2013 has been released by Labour Bureau,Govt.of India today which stood at 223 points with an increase of 2 points comparing Jan.2013.(221)
                                 ( 2001=100 )                                  (1960=100)
January                           221                                             5044.52
February                          223                                             5090.18
Next quarterly DA for  bank workmen/officers  will be calculated based on index figure for March which will be released  by the end of next month.Till then exact increase in DA cannot be predicted.
(However if it is assumed that the same level of index number  for the month of February is continued there will be increase in DA to the extend of 24 slabs.Further one  point increase in index numbers may take the slabs to 26.At the point of time the same may not be accurate)
Submitted by Mohan

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7th pay commission calculator
7th pay commission calculator