Thursday, July 4, 2013

Progressing of pension to permanently disabled children/siblings and dependent parents

Progressing of pension to permanently disabled children/siblings and dependent parents

Problems are being faced by the affected people in receiving revised PPOs after the death of the pensioner/family pensioner. 

Approval should be obtained in advance for grant of pension for life to permanently disabled child/sibling based on the request from the Government servant. As per rule 54 CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, grant of family pension to son or daughter would be allowed to only those not able to earn due to physical deformity or mental disability. For that sake, medical board should give certificate. As regards disabled siblings, he/she should have been wholly depended on the deceased Govt servant. In addition, the wife, children or parents of the Govt servant should not be alive. 

If the wife and child are not alive and the parents depended on the Govt servant prior to his death, his parents are eligible for family pension. This is admissible to mother. If not possible, then only to the father. 

On approval of the request, the family pension to the children/siblings/parents will be sanctioned. No further authorisation is required. By maintaining details, this will be progressed at a faster pace. They will receive family pension as below: 

The name of disabled child/children/siblings or dependent parents will be added in the PPO, if no other is eligible other than wife.

(i) To wife: After the death of pensioner and on production of death certificate, the family pension will be paid to his wife till her death or remarriage. If the widow is not having child, the family pension will continue after re-marriage. 

(ii) After the death/re-marriage of his wife and on production of death certificate/re-marriage intimation, the family pension will be paid to disabled children. 

(iii) If (i) and (ii) die or become ineligible, the family pension will be paid first to mother and then to father. 

(iv) If family pension to all the above are ceased, then the same will be paid to permanently disabled siblings.
The names of the disabled child/children/dependent parents/permanently disabled siblings will be added to PPO. The family pension will be payable to them after the death/ineligibility of the prior claimant. 

The Pension Disburisng Authority will start disbursing family pension to the disabled child/sibling or dependent parents after the death of the pensioner/spouse/other family pensioner on the basis of the PPO, approval of appointing authority, death certificate of the pensioner and other family pensioners besides self-certificate for income. 

The authorization will become invalid if a person is eligible for family pension ahead of disabled child/sibling/dependent parents. If the pensioner marries after the death of his first wife and adopt a child, such wife and child will be eligible for family pension after the death of the pensioner/ineligibility of the first wife. Child adopted by the spouse is not a family member. In this case, decision will be taken by the Head of Office. 

By opening bank account of such children/siblings/parents and informing the H.O., the bank authorities will sanction the family pension. 

For the pensioners of IAAD, this is issued after consultation with CAG of India. 

Authority: DPP&W, New Delhi O.M. dated 1 July 2013. 


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