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Joining Time Rules-Frequently asked Questions

Joining Time Rules

Si. No.

Frequently asked Questions



Whether Joining time//Joining

Time pay is admissible in case

of technical    resignation - of a

Government    servant   to   join

another                  Government


For appointment to posts under the Central

Government on the results of a competitive

examination     and    or    interview    open    to

Government     servants   and    others,   Central

Government                employees                and

permanent/provisionally       permanent      State



Government employees will be entitled to joining time. A Government servant shall be treated on duty during the period of joining time and shall be

entitled to joining time pay equal to the pay and

allowances like DA, HRA, CCA, drawn before

relinquishment of charge at the old post.            But temporary Central Government employees with less than 3 years of regular continuous service,  though entitled to joining time would not be entitled to joining time• pay. {Rule 4 (4) of

CCS(JT) Rules)


When can the unutilized joining

time    be        credited            as           Earned


Rule 6 (1) of the CCS (Joining Time) Rules

provides that when a Government servant joins a

new post without availing

full joining time by reasons that—

(a) he is ordered to join the new post at a new

place of posting without availing of full joining

time to which he is entitled; or

(b) he proceeds alone to the new place of

posting and joins the post without availing full

joining time and takes his family later within the

permissible      period  of         time     for            claiming

Travelling Allowance for the family, then the

number of days of joining time admissible under

sub-rule (4) of Rule 5 of the Central Civil

Services           (JT)      Rules,  1979,   subject to a maximum of 15 days reduced by the number of

days of joining time actually availed of shall be

credited to his leave account as earned leave.

3.         "

Whether joining time can be

combined with leave?

Rule 6(2) of the CCS (Joining Time) Rules

provides that Joining time may be combined

with vacation and/or regular leave of any kind or

duration except casual leave.




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